Jenna Koda

Jenna Koda

Arts/Media Producer

Jenna Koda an arts and media producer with over nine years experience across platforms and products varying in scale, complexity and budget.
As a Producer I take responsibility for developing and delivering events both independently and within a team. These events range from touring theatrical productions to marquee festival ceremonies to the fast-paced environment of daily radio episode production. I have proven my capability to work with multiple stakeholders, creatives and different audience demographics by working for some of Australia’s best known media and entertainment brands.
My role routinely involves managing budgets across projects, managing teams to get the most out of them and working with artists to get the best results. Understanding internal stakeholder requirements and communicating progress is a critical part of ensuring the success of the large projects I have produced. My ability to assume control of a situation when faced with difficulty is highly valued in time-sensitive and high-pressure environments.
I have a curiosity about telling stories in the most interesting and innovative ways, and I have developed a strong instinct for discovering engaging stories for audiences.

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Born: Australia