Episode 73: Mitchen Confidential

Levins and Mitch make their triumphant return to Australia's third most popular food podcast for an episode about Anthony Bourdain, travelling and failure in the restaurant industry. This episode is brought to you by LEVINS! Specifically, all of his podcasts! He’s putting up a new episode of each of his five podcasts every day this week, including Hey Fam, The Mitchen, Old Raps, Serious Issues and All The Small Games! If you listen to all of them, you’ll be able to put together a secret message that will maybe give you access to something cool and/or disappointing! Fun!  Thanks for all the messages asking us to come back - we love hearing from you! As always, get in touch via themitchenpodcast@gmail.com or via the social media links below. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM / LEVINS / MITCHTWITTER: LEVINS / MITCH


  • The Mitchen

    The Mitchen is a new weekly food podcast recorded at Mitch Orr's kitchen table in Sydney. Hosted by food writer/DJ Andrew Levins and chef Mitch Orr (ACME), each week they invite four mates from the food world over to discuss and make jokes about any recent big announcements in food and dining.

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Cast & Crew

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Andrew Levins Host
Mitch Orr Host