#93 Lyn Beazley – The Heart of Science

Enjoy a fascinating journey through one of the most prestigious science careers in Western Australia with Professor Lyn Beazley, former Chief Scientist of WA.Lyn shares key moments of serendipity from earlier in her life that set her on the trajectory to where she is today. Lyn also modestly tells of how her weekend research project played a key foundational role in the development of the field of neuroplasticity – how the brain has the ability to change continuously throughout an individual's life – this is a key foundation of the whole focus of self-development.We go deep on what is the actual scientific methodology, building a career in science, the state of science in WA and other super interesting topics that include the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project in Murchison, shark repelling strips on wetsuits and much much more.During her time as Chief Scientist of Western Australia, Lyn’s key ethos was ‘Do Science, Translate Science and Communicate Science’ and it is exactly this reason as to why this is such a truly approachable and fascinating conversation with such a wonderful and curious lady.


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