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Cast Away

  • April 01 2017 09:45:00 AM

What is Cast Away? Cast Away is an awards initiative to promote Australian podcasts. The Cast Away Awards is a national media awards platform, like the Logies, Tropfest, Aria Awards, etc. The inaugural awards event took place on April 1 at Giant Dwarf, in Sydney. But Cast Away is more than just a once-a-year event... A community: We have been established to grow the Australian podcasting industry by providing something for podcasters to strive towards (glory, credit, recognition etc), raise the profile of podcasting in Australia, and bring the community closer together by providing a platform for events and collaboration. Discovery The worldwide growth in popularity of podcasts cannot be ignored, and as Australian audiences catch up with trends from the USA in particular, many Australians are giving podcasts a try for the first time. Cast Away aims to be a first port of call for new listeners who are curious about what Australian podcasts there are to listen to. As we shine light on the immense talent and creativity being shown by Australian podcasters, a large part of the Cast Away journey will be an exploration into what it is that makes podcasts such an engaging, compelling and some might say addictive medium. Who are we? Founder and Creative Director Dave Gertler has been a podcast producer since 2013. His background is in music, songwriting and performing, and he has a Masters in Creative Sound Production from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His passion is to spread the word about podcasting and the different ways it can be used as a uniquely powerful medium, and he is fortunate enough to be spearheading the Cast Away Awards initiative.

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